Senior Project Manager

Position Overview

The Senior Project Manager’s (“SPM”) responsibility encompasses the effective and profitable management of a project, with focused emphasis on achieving the objectives for each of the department’s five Critical Success Factors (CSFs) – Timely Delivery, Product Quality, Financial Success, Project Safety, and Client Satisfaction. The SPM is directly responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the following:

  • Construction Operations
  • Contract Administration
  • Contractor Representation
  • Financial Performance
  • Image and External Relations
  • Core Values

The SPM is the project group leader for any given project. As such, the SPM is tasked with not only achieving the criteria for success outlined within the CSFs analysis, but also in the management of group personal development and professional maturation of those the SPM commands. Promoting the group before the individual is not only expected but also is an integral component of the Business Unit Leader’s evaluation of the Senior Project Manager’s performance. As a SPM, the individual is expected to be a leader and demonstrate a deep understanding of the technical aspects of construction means and methods and materials. They must also be proficient analytically and capable of making sound decisions after weighing all options. The SPM must be diligent applying disciplined project management control mechanisms.

SPMs distinguish themselves from Project Managers by assisting in the acquisition of profitable work for their management group, successfully developing the professional maturity of subordinates, overseeing multiple projects from the bid process through warranty periods, all in strict accordance with published management systems.

In each of the following areas of management, the SPM must possess the requisite skills to effectively manage their group ‘s efforts to include but not necessarily limited to the following:

Construction Operations

  • Manage the onsite safety program for active projects, accepting complete and total responsibility for the project’s safety program and Develop a site-specific safety analysis for each project, detailing safety concerns or exposures. Guide the project management group’s approach to managing exposures.
  • Be efficient and accurate processing supplier and subcontractor lien releases, owner required close out documents, and internal RC closeout
  • Review, process, catalogue, and archive field project files for completed
  • Provide appropriate general support and leadership for their Project
  • Maintain open, responsive, and professional communications with all Project Group members, reporting any incident or concern to the Separate Business Unit Leader that from their viewpoint may affect the company’ s ability to operate safely, ethically, and

Contractor Representation

  • Ensure that the most cost effective, highest quality product is delivered.
  • Lead all efforts between all RC components (estimating, pre-construction, purchasing, estimating, accounting, and all project phases) to ensure that Client’s needs are
  • Recognize our subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors are an extremely important part of our group and treat them
  • Lead all efforts to establish effective communications with the design group (and their consultants) and demonstrate diligence anticipating their
  • Maintain a professional and positive relationship with all Project Group Members.
  • Acquire profitable work for their respective management group as communicated by the Separate Business Unit

Financial Performance

  • Monitor the financial reporting requirements of the project group to ensure all requirements are met accurately and
  • Create and maintain weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly Project Control “tools”, as defined by the Project Management
  • Schedule and regularly update progress and monitor critical milestone dates. If necessary, work with field supervision preparing and updating Look Ahead Schedules to ensure they align with Master Project Schedules.
  • Manage and actively pursue outstanding receivables and prompt payments to subcontractors, suppliers, and
  • Develop a Gross Billings Log within 15 days of receipt of Notice of Intent to Award, update it monthly to reflect projected versus actual billings.
  • Monitor monthly Owner payments to assure receipt within the time frames outlined in the Owner/Contractor Agreement.
  • Understand and evaluate pertinent cost figures i.e., “Cost at Completion”, “Projected Revenue” and “Projected Fee”.
  • Share required field production and cost-to-date information with the entire project group to promote a high level of goal congruency and a unified group approach to problem solving and project

Image and External Relations

  • Promote Raymond Construction’s reputation as a respected member of the community.
  • Develop and maintain a professional rapport with clients, designers, consultants, and other in the industry to promote Raymond Construction and maintain our reputation for integrity, solid leadership, and fairness.

Core Values

  • Effectively communicate and demonstrate Raymond Construction’s values of integrity, honesty, high standards for quality and “building value.”
  • Set a positive example modeling Raymond Construction’s core values.
  • Always Sustain the corporate image by demonstrating ethical conduct, personal neatness, professionalism, and community responsibility.
  • Always be a leader and train leadership by way of example.

Image and External Relations

  • Promote Raymond Construction’s reputation as a respected member of the
  • Develop and maintain a professional rapport with clients, designers, consultants, and others in the industry to promote our organization.
  • Participate in business and industry related activities, and while in attendance at public functions always being cognizant of the importance of adhering to proper codes of conduct.