Pre-Construction Manager and Chief Estimator

Position Overview

The Pre-Construction (“Pre-Con”) Manager or Chief Estimator’s primary responsibility is to acquire profitable work either through negotiated or competitively bid contract awards. As all projects must meet the goals established as the department’s five Critical Success Factors: Timely Delivery, Product Quality, Financial Success, Project Safety, and Client Satisfaction, people in this position must ensure those goals are considered in every estimate prior to and after contract award. The position requires talent and experience and a solid track record of successfully compiling (1) Conceptual Budgets, (2) Preliminary Estimates, and (3) Detailed Estimates. This person must provide requisite support to those involved in the bid process and the Project Management Group respectively to plan, implement, and manage the following:

  • Estimating Systems Development
  • Estimate Compilation
  • Contract Administration
  • Contractor Representation
  • Financial Performance
  • Image and External Relations
  • Core Values

This person must exhibit leadership and organizational qualities, possess an excellent and well-rounded understanding of the technical aspects of construction methods and materials, possess prudent analytical skills, and demonstrate the ability to make sound judgments. Those in these roles must oversee and be held accountable for the work of the entire bid group.

Listed below are some of the job specific duties and responsibilities.

Estimating Systems Development

  • Develop procedures to expand the capabilities of the estimating function of the company.
  • Maintain the interface of the estimating software with other software including accounting, purchasing and scheduling so ensure cost effective management of all projects.
  • Update the estimating database with actual productivity and performance
  • Coordinate with each RC group internally (Separate Business Units, Equipment Rental, Self-Performed Concrete and Rough Carpentry crews, etc…) to ensure up-to­ date cost information is always being
  • Remain cognizant of software developments within the estimating package, diligently investigating new integrated technologies, added features, and options for improvement in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Estimate Compilation

  • Assist the Bid Captain or Separate Business Unit Leader in the selection of projects to bid by analyzing the job specific marketplace. Provide historical data relating to issues such as previous work performed by RC within the locale, anticipated competition, and competitive
  • Assemble Bid Documents and oversee the bid deposit and bid
  • Able to draft “Outline Specifications” for conceptual bids.
  • Assume complete responsibility for the timely submission of all bids.
  • Ability to stimulate the “bid market” and encourage bidders to align with RC.
  • Gather information, perform quantity take-offs, and utilize scope sheets to compile bids.
  • Analyze bids to ensure scope of work is not duplicated between bidders, complete per the RC quantity and scope survey, and accurate
  • Assist the bid group in the compilation of complete, accurate quantity take-offs and scope
  • Coordinate with the Owner and design group to understand the intent of the contract documents.
  • Assist the Bid Captain with the development of the initial schedule required for bid submission.
  • Ensure RC obtains “the low price” in the marketplace from potential subcontractors and Solicit quotations from subs and suppliers in an organized, professional, and complete manner.
  • Maintain an updated “Bid Set” of Contract
  • Maintain a continuous list of bid questions and other inquiries in the form of RFI’s (“request for information”), and rather than seeking answers or resolution for individual items, submit RFI’s in groups being conscious of the designer’s time.
  • Review the Bid Documents and coordinate with the Owner and designers to clarify any discrepancies, errors, or omissions. Oversee the submission of all bid questions and ensure RC questions are responded to sufficiently, accurately, and timely.
  • Compile lists of qualifications and exclusions for bids as
  • Investigate value engineering opportunities seeking input from previous projects and all internal sources, i.e. project groups and the estimating group(s).
  • Maintain the bid files for each estimate and assemble the Bid Justification Book for each project awarded.
  • Maintain open, responsive, and professional communications with all bid group members, reporting any incident or concern which may affect the company’s ability to operate safely, ethically and profitably to the Bid Captain or Separate Business Leader.

Contract Administration

  • Participate in the Project Launch and the initial creation of the Project
  • Assist in creation of the Project Master CPM Schedule. Understand and explain the strategic decision-making process, inclusive of resource loading, manpower and equipment allocation decisions or limitations, and the reasoning for specified start and completion
  • Assist Project Managers as required in the compilation of change order and claim proposals, as
  • Analyze project problems or issues and provide the necessary support to resolve those problems.
  • Assist in the preparation of the project job hazard analysis prior to commencement of the work.
  • Review labor and equipment recap reports to assess the performance of the work relative to the estimate.
  • Remain accessible to the Project Management Group throughout the life cycle of the project and assist them in understanding the intent of the Contract Documents as bid, and any subsequent claims or issues relative to bid day assumptions or post bid day buy out.

Contractor Representation

  • Help ensure Client needs are met to provide a cost effective, high quality product.
  • Participate in the coordination between all RC components to ensure the Client’s needs are met.
  • Provide supervisory training to designated individuals.
  • Recognize our subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors are extremely important members of the RC project groups and treat them accordingly.
  • Communicate effectively with the design groups and their consultants. Seek to anticipate their needs.
  • Maintain a professional, pleasant, and positive relationship with all RC bid group and Project Management members.

Financial Performance

  • Ensure the accuracy of productivity rates, payroll figures, material costs, equipment rates, and all other cost factors to formulate the most accurate estimate possible.
  • Investigate the requirements of and ensure the accuracy of mark-ups including bonds, insurance, taxes, etc.

Image and External Relations

  • Promote Raymond Construction’s reputation as a respected member of the community.
  • Develop and maintain a professional rapport with clients, designers, consultants, and other in the industry to promote Raymond Construction and maintain our reputation for integrity, solid leadership, and fairness.

Core Values

  • Effectively communicate Raymond Construction’s values of integrity, honesty, and high standards for quality and “building value”.
  • Set a positive example modeling Raymond Construction’s core values.
  • Always Sustain the corporate image by demonstrating ethical conduct, personal neatness, professionalism, and community responsibility.
  • Always be a leader and train leadership by way of example.