The firm’s sister company, Raymond Engineering, has architects, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers on staff and building envelope experts readily available to design projects Raymond Construction builds. With streamlined collaboration, our Clients benefit from timely and precision coordination, and in-house efficiencies that ultimately equate to reduced design and construction costs while compressing schedules. Our fine-tuned internal systems separate us from our competition who mostly seek outside sources to design their projects, affording Raymond Construction a competitive edge, not just financially, but also in terms of the value we create. We like to think these resources and unique delivery process are aligned with the traditional sense of design-build construction stemming from Master-Builder Imhotep who in 2630 B.C. was commissioned by the Egyptian Pharaohs to design and build the first pyramids. The concept of the builder designing projects continued in America until the 1960’s until a clear division between design and construction had taken hold. It was not until 1978 did the American Institute of Architects allow its members to engage in Design-Build project delivery, a trend that continues to gain traction at a rate of 4% annually. We at Raymond Construction and Raymond Engineering are proud of our distinction as a “true design-builder” and look forward to demonstrating the benefits to those we serve.


Raymond Construction outdistances our competitors when it comes to designing and building “defect free” projects. Of the 1.7 Trillion – Dollars of construction projects put in the ground and up in air annually in the United States, on average 170 Billion Dollars is defective, of which half of that is water intrusion.
Chris Nash is the owner of a QA/QC process under USPTO protection and proven again and again to virtually eliminate defective construction. Internal time-tested systems developed over the years, a patent pending App, “in house” design professionals, and our building envelope expertise, all combine to significantly reduce the risk of all participants and allow us to fulfill our mission of “Constructing Value.” You can rest assured your project will be leak free, not defective.