Fleet Mortgage Group Office Building

Office | Florence, South Carolina

180,000 sq. ft. | $19,500,000

Shortly after the tenant moved into this two-story build-to-suit office building that housed a national mortgage lender, fireproofing on the structural steel and metal deck on two levels and the roof began to delaminate and at times crashed through the acoustical ceiling. It was determined that the spray fireproofing was not compatible with the metal deck. The second floor was subject to more serious dropping of fireproofing because crews had begun working on the roof before the spray waterproofing had fully cured, which caused deflection of the deck due to loads and thus movement. After a tedious and lengthy remediation and inspection process, Nash led the effort that fixed the problem with very little disruption to the tenant’s business operations, and at no cost to the tenant or Nash’s firm.


The project was developed or constructed by principals of Raymond Engineering prior to founding the company