Clearwater Paper

Manufacturing | Shelby, North Carolina

700,000 sq. ft. | $24,000,000

Clearwater Paper is the country’s largest provider of private label tissue to retail grocery chains and a world-class manufacturer of high-quality bleached paperboard.   The site was challenging with bedrock close to the surface, and unsuitable soil encountered in random locations.  The high-performance floor slab is critical to manufacturing operations meeting stringent super flat standards, and with fork lift hoisting of heavy raw material and finished product to upper level storage racks, safety during loading and unloading racks is critical to employee safety.  The exterior walls are tilt wall, a single ply roof with membrane with a 20-year warranty.  Internally, to create a bright and clean environment, the underside of the roof and roof structure is painted a bright white.  Despite the challenging site conditions and above average rainfall, the project completed on time.


The project was developed or constructed by principals of Raymond Engineering prior to founding the company