Blue Cross Blue Shield II

Office | Columbia, South Carolina

110,000 sq. ft. | $10,000,000

The design for this project began on the back of a cocktail napkin within minutes after award as the schedule was very aggressive to meet time sensitive federal contract deadlines.  The site was at low elevation in proximity to wetlands and a marsh and was underlain with 60,000 cubic yards of a combination of deep organic material and highly plastic soil that necessitated removal and replacement.  Four and a half months following commencement of preliminary design, the tenant moved in three days ahead of schedule.  The timely completion meant Nash’s employer, L J Hooker Developments would not be assessed a onetime lump sum $500,000 late penalty if the project was not delivered in time for the client to meet federal deadlines.  The success of this project resulted in repeat business.


The project was developed or constructed by principals of Raymond Engineering prior to founding the company