Ballantyne Village Phase I

Mixed-Use | Charlotte, North Carolina

Ballantyne Village is a $75M mixed-use retail, office, hotel, and residential development with a potential for $60M of development in future phases.  NCON was engaged to be development and construction manager responsible for directing the fast-track design and building of the site work, shell, and interior upfit of retail, office, medical, a performing arts theatre, and parking garage.  The underground strata consisted of surficial and low-level granite that was blasted to accommodate subterranean parking and underground utilities.  Because of proximity to existing buildings in future phases and concern for disruption and public safety from construction activity, NCON orchestrated a future expansion strategy that entailed pre-blasting rock down to suitable bedrock to accommodate mat foundations for two future 25 story high-rise buildings that would book-end the main structure of Phase. Because a zero lot-line condition would exist between Phase I buildings and the future high rises, any potential of structural damage would be eliminated.  The shot rock remained in place and was paved creating additional parking for Phase I customers and tenants.

A 400-car parking deck with one subterranean level was built in Phase I.  Initial studies for this structure consisted of analyzing pre-cast versus a cast in place structural frame.  After taking into consideration future expansion potential, the deck was designed and built so that another 12 floors of parking and habitable floors could be built in future phases.  Economically it made sense since the foundation would rest on bedrock versus deep foundations, which in turn would reduce the cost of the structural frame of the vertical expansion.  Other improvements anticipated for the future and incorporated in the master planning effort included constructing underground mechanical, electrical, and communications infrastructure to accommodate another 1,000,000 Square Feet of build out.


The project was developed or constructed by principals of Raymond Engineering prior to founding the company